Art on the street #1

You ever walk around and wonder if you’re the only one noticing strange things?

Like this site, that is on my way to work. In case the picture isn’t clear enough, these are carrots, layed down in the shape of a ‘heart-questionmark’. I thought it looked great!

But what did it mean? Who put it there? Why carrots? Why here? Obviously the shape of the question mark was very appropriate.

I like these little visual surprises, they certainly spice up my day. But what I always find a little sad about them is that I always feel I am the only one who gets exited over them, or even worse the only one who seems to notice. Nobody around me seemed to care, nobody who seemed to wonder like me. Three things that could be going on, in my opinion.

1. People are wondering just the same, like me. That’s a little sad, I love making small talk with strangers, people should do it more often. Once you discover it, it can be quite addictive.

2. People don’t notice. That’s just plain stupid. How could you miss this, are people so self-involved these days? Wake up and smell the roses, folks!

3. People don’t care. This one is the worst. I’ve heard people talk about children being so wonderfully open-minded and positive in their way of viewing their world. How they see wonder in everything! Once you grow up, I guess you’re supposed to grow out of that. I hope that the fact that these little surprises on the streets still make me smile or laugh, means that I haven’t.

By the way, the carrots were gone in two days, which only raised more questions!

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